You found me.
I wasn’t lost. I was hiding
From the pain, from the cost of loving
That lead to the ache and the angst when I had to say goodbye.
You found me.

You love me.
I didn’t know love. You broke through
The wall built from the tears of too few years before
I had to say goodbye to the one that came before you.
You love me.

I hold you.
I touched love. You settle so completely
Into my arms and sigh and sleep as if I am your armor. Your cradle.
I look in your eyes and see the best part of me. The part you see.
I hold you.

I thank you.
I am reborn. Through so many years of life’s darkest tests
You always reach me and remind me of what’s true. What’s best.
Your gift unto me, given so freely. Joyously. Unconditionally.
I thank you.


    1. Thank you. He found me shortly after I lost a very special furry companion after only a few years, and didn’t think I could love another like him. I was joyously right This one has been more than magical.

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