Moments shared. As exchanges entice, ensnare, and envelope.
A face, falsely radiant to hide, holds such power palatial.
Unknowns are as tiny morsels of heavenly sweets placed before him
And brief revelations as the first drink at an oasis in a desert desire.

Chasms of time deepen the ache till with words wondrous the air returns.
Silence echoes and presses down hard with a choking grip of indigo dreams.
Spiraling ever outward arms reach for one, brief, blissful caress
Only to feel the flow of sand through fingers where once stood light.

The candles’ fading glory silently stream upward in twisting columns of grey.
Together alone the smiles and glances from phrases made dances of passion
Explode in the mind’s eye and are played upon the canvas of sand,
Until, released at last from thrashing torment, give answer to her song.

inspired by the poem Candlelight by Serendipitous Web Life

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