Suburban Serenade

The evening falls hard as the moist air presses down on you
Like some heavy blanket pulled dripping from a lake of warm water.
The cheeps, chitters, and croaks of the night crawlers surround you
As the dulcet songs of the dawn breakers fade again till morn.

Flutters of shadow dwellers fight to flight against the setting light.
They dance to the songs of those that herald Diana. Come forth, they sing.
Come forth and arc your way with gentle ray and silver shadows.
Bathe and delight us with your mystic memory of our ancestors.

Windless night takes hold as the dampness clings to you with a second skin of dew.
The scratching of tiny claws Disturb Diana’s dreamcast on you.
Tiny orbs of jet on a twitching face frightened by all
Emerge from brush and branch cast aside earlier by the day’s breeze.

With hawk to bed and owl now risen,
Floating beacons pierce the veil of nature.
Beams of blasting brightness are heralded with the
Roar of man as the woosh of steel hurdles to its destined rest.


  1. Lovely descriptive writing that flowed beautifully. I was almost there beside you.
    I did yoga on the mat last evening under the same moon. It was lovely and inspiring. : )

    Liked by 1 person

      1. you started your blog about a month before I did. At the time I was hospitalized, forced to “retire” and move to the place where I started my blog. Good stuff by the way. “Deep Dive” is it?

        Liked by 1 person

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