Mirror of Darkness

With movements unhurried I slip away from the feast
That was laid out upon the banquet of her thighs.
The promised gift writhes slowly, as her breasts heave and fall.
The pace of our hearts still beat in unison;
And the remnants of my touch, my tongue,
My tide of need adorn my glistening prize.

My eyes stay focused to watch and drink deeply
Of the flagon that was filled with her passionate cries,
Drawn again and again from aching, arching everflows.
The fading moans of release and relief
Die upon her lips now curled into a smile,
As a flicker or movement from the wall pulls my eyes.

My head turns towards it. Black and cold
Is the polished metal disk in an iron frame.
I peer, I stare, as the shape fades to view
And the beast of her dreams with wicked grin smiles.
It’s eyes, my eyes, stare back at me. Blank.
It presses Its will to take. To control. To hold.

I see It. I reach for It as It reaches out
From the mirror towards me with claws.
I see It. I know It. I take It’s hand
To hold It. Embrace It. To fear It no more.
I see It. I name It. I let It go free.
The beast in the mirror no longer. Just me.

I turn again and look to the table
Where lay before me beauty unbound.
Quickly I take within these arms the joyous gift.
Redemption revealed. Released. Reborn.
With gentle gesture and tender touch I wrap her. Embrace her.
With tears of crystal gratitude I cradle her head in a pillow of kisses.

part IV of Reflections of Darkness

originally written and published by me on 7/31/2017


  1. I have reread this one many, many times, and I am amazed! I feel the deep sensualness at the beginning, very stimulating. Then he appears to accept his darkness. It is very interesting that after acceptance it gets so sweet like honey. What an emotional roller coaster.
    I sense an extremely passionate person wrote this; that not a tease, simply an observation.
    Have you come to accept your demons?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for deep reading. It really means a lot. The thing I came to realize, but something I maybe didn’t convey well enough is this. The demon inside, “the beast”, is not what I took it for. It was the fear of seeing it within me that made it into something horrible. Once I accepted that it is simply a single facet of what made me me, I was able to release the fear of it. Now I only see me reflected in the mirror. The darkness is only there if there is someone who needs it to be there. It has no power, except to one who wants it.


  2. Thank you! Interesting. There are so many questions I want to ask, but I won’t, privacy is a gift.
    The piece is amazing. I loved it in so many ways. Beautifully expressed. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes…the end of the journey and the acceptance. It is a telling. Trying to put something into perspective for myself first. The fact that a few others like you pick up on it is comforting…and a little bit scary if THAT makes sense.

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