Path of Darkness

Silent footfalls land behind me and grind
Rhythmic echoes that strike against my mind.
Each step takes me further from me, from who I should be
As my light falters and falls in shrinking sanity.

The moss covered stone that was my heart
Beats low. Guttural. Panic rises and gives start
To it who must be. It will devour my fading fear,
My fading me. I submit for I feel it’s breath so near.

The rake of it’s touch pierces from within
As the light of the final hearth-fire goes dim.
The slippery steps of stone and anger lead
To the shores of desire that are paved with my need.

Across the harbor of hunger I see her.
Forced to look through eyes engorged that were,
But moments before, gazing softly at the light
Of a quiet candle raging against the night.

I am me. I am he.
I am all that I see.
A howling, haunting laugh bursts like bats from a cave
Spiraling from my throat till my soul I gave.

part II of Reflections of Darkness

originally written and published by on 7/27/2017


  1. For someone who appears (at least on this venue) to be calm and thoughtful, you have some deep passions and emotions. I look forward to 1 & 4.


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