Verse vs. ….

Those who are sharing my journey may have noticed the addition of a couple poems to my writings. Some have asked about it’s sudden appearance. I’ve never really been one to write poetry, and I was not a major fan while attending the various schools of learning in my life. Song lyrics, however, have been my connection to the art of verbal pictography. So it is from that genre I draw any meager skills I may have acquired. Maybe there is a cadence, melody, and harmony unheard that is just below the surface of my consciousness when I write poetry. I really do not know

So how did this start for me? I was seized one day to write something, something very specific, about the way I felt when a moment happened that caused me to pause and open my mind. As the words turned into phrases, a single question formed and came to mind, echoing like a voice in a canyon. I decided to follow the echo and see where it led me. And lead me it did.

That single question led me to find a way to describe the moment and the person, still not really known to me. Prose did NOT seem to give merit or value to the import of what happened. Verse was the only way that felt right. It was the only way to try and convey what my spirit was feeling and what mind’s eye was seeing as the moment and it’s aspects and effects reverberated on my mental movie screen. When I was done, I stepped back and read it. And re-read it. It felt right enough that I think it opened a door for me that allows for a different outlet.

I don’t know when the moment might seize me, exactly, to cause me to slip out of prose (or back into it). I just know that there is something that happens to me when I go there. I feel different while I am writing it. I hope some of you will appreciate all aspects of my journey, and I look forward to future inspirations. Until then….


  1. The poetry touches deeply and tastes like warm honey, so I’m ecstatic you are including this beautiful expression of you. ❤️ I am thankful you share it; please don’t stop. : )

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