Polar Caps

I have to ask. When did hate and conflict seem to become the norm? I say “seem” because I can only base it upon my own encounters and observations. Is it my awareness and engagement at certain levels that has exposed me to those with predilections for kill or be killed…master and servant…class warfare? I have been told that I have a certain “spidey-sense” when it comes to tension and conflict. I have learned to rely on this sense when observing those around me. I honestly feel that living in a state of conflict has become natural to so many more than used to. So why?

Partially, I believe it is the bombarding, ballistic exposure to world-wide events. Never before, in our history, have we had constant access to the bickering, backbiting, and infighting that has become available via so many channels of media. It’s not just the news (politics), or reality tv, or social media…it’s all of it. And it’s polarizing. There’s a degree of bitterness I sense in so many people, and they are bitter about little things. Again…polarized. A world of absolutes. If you’re not with, then you’re against.

That never leads down a path to understanding or acceptance…tolerance. Oh yeah…that’s become a four letter word today. The world, however, has a way of working these things out. Nature, no matter how much we rail against her, finds a way to bring balance back to her breast.


  1. Great post sir. I wonder about that exact same thing very often. As someone who is old enough to remember the time when “The News” was very different, before the 24-hour news outlets turned “News” into entertainment, then into something far darker, I sometimes wonder if the current “polarization gridlock” can ever be fixed.

    The proliferation of social media outlets and the semi-anonymity they provide has done something no altogether positive to the social dynamic. People post things and reply to others in ways that 90% of them never would in a face to face interaction.

    The bright spot in all this is that, for the most part, when people venture out of the virtual world, and actually talk, face to face, those conversations and debates seem to be a lot more civil, much like they used to be. At least in my experience…….so far.

    Thanks for a thought provoking post on a very interesting topic.

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